Cash, Liquidity, and Claims
•Financial and cash flow modeling
•Assessment and analysis of working capital, changes and impact drivers
•Assessment of treasury functions and bank relationships
•Evaluation of financing, covenants and agreements
•Understanding of vendor relationships and terms
•Liquidation assessments

Business and Viability Assessment
•Financial statement review and analysis
•Business plan reviews
•Financial modeling in evaluation of projections, forecasts and scenarios
•Evaluation of core and non-core businesses
•Analysis of collateral base and borrowing availability
•Assessment of variable and fixed costs and opportunities for change
•Comparative analysis (ROI, ROA, ROE, etc.)
•Value driver determination
•Industry research (market analysis, multiples, benchmarking)

Management Support, Planning, and Transition
•Assistance in accounting understanding, cut-off and financial controls
•Support in negotiations
•Corporate divorces and consensus building
•Chapter 11 preparation and counsel
•M&A and sale support and planning

• Financial and accounting support to trustees
•Avoidance action analysis
•Preference analysis
•Preparation of bankruptcy schedules and reports
•Litigation support

Can you help us solve problems?
 If you have the ability to get right to the heart of a company's problem, the knowledge to identify realistic solutions, and the people skills to guide their top management every step of the way, we may have an excellent career opportunity for you. You'll need an accounting BS/BA, as well as computer modeling, consulting and audit experience (preferably with a Big Four firm).

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