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"Congratulations - you're hired!" Now what? Starting any new job is exciting but the unknown can also feel daunting. The following paragraphs were written by staff members with the goal of providing you perspective of what you can expect working with us at Hamernik.

Your Office
 You will be in the heart of Indianapolis and able to enjoy everything that downtown has to offer. Our office space has recently doubled, offering conveniences such as larger conference rooms, spacious offices, a reference library, and a casual break room stocked with drinks. Our open-door policy offers you a wealth of resources, and our down-to-earth culture enables you to bypass the bureaucracy found within larger firms. In the heart of the state's business center, it is common and convenient to walk to banks and law offices for meetings or to simply grab lunch with your co-workers.

Your Clients
 The vast majority of your clients will be only a short drive away. Sometimes you will work on-site with your clients with other days spent in the office. Every engagement has a different cast of personalities, and "your client" can be a company or organization on one engagement, a bank on another engagement, a partner in a corporate divorce or even counsel if seeking to protect the firm's work product. Your clients will also vary tremendously in size, structure, and industry. Good communication skills are a necessity as you will be working directly with business owners, management, and other decision-making stakeholders.

The Engagement
 Working at Hamernik offers a diverse spectrum of work experiences. The firm was originally founded to serve the restructuring needs of the business community, but our services have grown to encompass the many facets of problem-solving through strategic and financial consulting. While many engagements require short-term cash flow analysis and long-term planning, you may find yourself providing litigation support, conducting due diligence, analyzing a potential transaction, forecasting alternative scenarios, seeking and negotiating new financing, supporting the filing of a plan of reorganization, or initiating organizational change. But one thing is for sure - no two engagements will be identical.

Our Expectations
 Hamernik expects its professionals to be knowledgeable, diligent, and independent. Education (and experience at higher entry levels) in accounting and financial framework will provide the backbone to your career in consulting. If you are creative, forward-thinking, confident, and a skilled communicator, consider Hamernik in your career path. In return, the firm's resources and flexible culture will enable you to grow as a professional and succeed within the profession and in your personal pursuits outside of the office
Can you help us solve problems?
 If you have the ability to get right to the heart of a company's problem, the knowledge to identify realistic solutions, and the people skills to guide their top management every step of the way, we may have an excellent career opportunity for you. You'll need an accounting BS/BA, as well as computer modeling, consulting and audit experience (preferably with a Big Four firm).

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